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The Hideout

Signature Massage

45 Mins Back & Legs £43

60 Mins £55

75 Mins £70

90 Mins £85


A beautiful, full body, mix of swedish massage, where we NEVER let go! This massage will leave you drooling on the floor!

* Choose the main areas in need of attention and we will personalise your treatment, so you receive the most heavenly experience possible.


The Healing

Hot Stone Massage

45 Mins Back & legs £47    

60 Mins £60

75 Mins £72

90 Mins £87

A deeply relaxing and healing massage, using Hot basalt and marble stones. One stroke of a Hot Stone massage is 10x more effective than a normal massage, as the heat from the stones expand our blood vessles, which encourages blood flow and repair throughout the body. The stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxtion. A massage like no other!

Reflexology Therapy


45 Mins £43

60 Mins £55

Kick start the healing process for your body. Using Ancient healing techniques, foot reflex points are stimulated to help relieve tension & aid relaxation, helping to improve your circulation, boost your immune system & boost your general wellbeing!

Back Massage

The Back, neck

& Scalp Massage

30 Mins £30    

45 Mins £43  

60 Mins £55

Ease tension away and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

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The Back

Relief Massage

60 Mins £59

Enjoy a back exfoliaton and buff to start, then a hot towel is applied to remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and intensify the absorption of products. Followed by a deep tissue massage on the back, neck and shoulders. Finished with a touch of indian head scalp massage.


The Holistic

Scalp Massage

15 Mins £13

Feel the tension being pulled out of your head with a long Indian head scalp massage. This stimulates blood circulation, which improves the condition and growth. This treatment makes a lovely addition to your facial or body massage. It is soooo relaxing!


Hopi Ear


40 Mins £47

Hopi ear candling is used to draw out impurites, and treat ailments such as blocked areas and tinnitus. promotes healing and a feeling of wellbeing. this treatment includes a scalp massage.


Revitalising &

Smoothing Body Scrub

60 MIns £55

A top to toe body exfoliation using a delicious organic body scrub.

Shower then an application of warm oil is applied to the skin.

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